Do teachers face any challenges?

And the list is quite long.

We asked a bunch of teachers teaching in higher education — what are some of the challenges you are facing every single day. And here’s what they shared.

As a teacher and teacher developer, the list looks overwhelming.

  1. A new teacher. Kinda lost, kinda doubting self.
  2. Absenteeism
  3. Attachment with students
  4. Authorities don’t give a damn; they only care about the students’ marks
  5. Classroom Management
  6. Common ground
  7. Controlling the class
  8. Create good learning environment
  9. Creating a more student-led learning environment
  10. Creating first impression
  11. Creating more engaging environment
  12. Dealing with attention seeking students
  13. Dealing with bully in the classroom
  14. Designing class in more innovative manner
  15. Engagement
  16. Engaging students
  17. Engaging students with minimum materials
  18. Equal participation of introverted students
  19. Every student is different, catering their needs and balancing their learning is challenging.
  20. Extra-curricular activities for student’s involvement
  21. Fear
  22. Focus
  23. Grabbing students for a longer time period
  24. Grabbing students’ sincere attention
  25. Handling a large class.
  26. Hard to come up with new ideas for the classes
  27. Have to teach same thing 4 times a day, how not to lose stamina and will to teach?
  28. Helping students implement what they have learnt
  29. How much content to include?
  30. How to engage 40 students in a class? What kinds of activities to do?
  31. How to make 1st year Bachelor students interested and engaged with Case studies?
  32. How to make people understand in simple ways?
  33. How to stay relevant/keep-up with latest industry changes
  34. In my class, there are mix graders so sometime it’s hard to control them.
  35. Increasing student motivation
  36. Lack of interest
  37. Maintaining a gap between professionalism and building a relationship with students
  38. Maintaining students attention in class
  39. Major challenge is managing time and planning efficiently between different curriculum frameworks being used by the school.
  40. Making class interesting
  41. Making them more interested in doing assignments
  42. Methodology
  43. Minor disciplinary issues
  44. Motivating students for concentrating better
  45. Motivating the students
  46. New techniques
  47. Not following up on assignment
  48. Nothing as such
  49. Participation
  50. Plagiarism
  51. Pre occupied mind
  52. Preparation and planning of content
  53. Relate the application of theories, Illustrating the practical approach in Nepalese context and engaging the students in class
  54. Short attention span
  55. Some students have overwhelming desire to completes task all alone rather than doing it in a team.
  56. Sometime it’s hard to have students attention towards me when they are exploring their contents.
  57. Student Engagement
  58. Student Participation
  59. Time limit
  60. Parent child bond in learning
  61. Technology and students learning
  62. Sociological aspects of a learner
  63. Am I working harder?
  64. Will they be able to answer theories in exam?
  65. Confused if they are understanding at all?
  66. How to make the sessions funny?
  67. How to smile / maintain lighter mood while teaching?
  68. How to encourage students to speak up?



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Umes Shrestha

Umes Shrestha

Teacher. Teacher Developer. Right-brain@Unlearn Academy