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हलीवुडको चलचित्र “फाइट क्लब” को म एकदमै ठुलो फ्यान हुँ। यस चलचित्रको केन्द्रमा रहेको एउटा पंक्ति यस्तो छ : “फाइट क्लबको पहिलो नियम — तिमी यस क्लबको बारेमा कोहिसंग पनि कुरा गर्ने छैनौ। र, फाइट क्लबको दोस्रो नियम — तिमी यस…

The corona pandemic. The need to keep the teaching and learning going.
Every teacher scrambling and doing what they can with whatever they have.

This is what I’ve been doing, and hope this general, bare minimum, lean lesson plan helps other teachers teaching online (while remaining sane).

I teach in…

Just about an hour into a workshop session for teachers, we were having the participants write a short reflection on their teaching rituals. Suddenly, out from the last table in the hall, this guy comes walking towards me. …

Recently, we held a two-day workshop for the faculty members of Prime College. After the usual ice-breaker, I had this slide up, asked the participants to write them down, and share their responses.

While they were writing down their teaching & learning assumptions, I somehow slipped into my past and…

Umes Shrestha

Teacher. Teacher Developer. Right-brain@Empowerment Academy

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